Catalina Reina — 3D Director • Conway + Partners

Catalina Reina

3D Director / Global

Catalina Reina

Catalina joined Conway+ more than two years ago with a career encompassing 15 years of experience. She oversees the 3D division along with all production needs including renderings, illustrations, technical and artistic architectural drawings and custom made concepts for clients such as the visualizer tool.

Catalina’s day-to-day includes client interface, as well as the direction of a multi- disciplinary 10 member team including architects, 3D artists, post-production artists, illustrators, industrial designers, interior designers and project managers.

Her international background in the publishing industry has been instrumental in producing and delivering optimal level work and meeting client deadlines. She has worked with key clients spanning from Europe to Latin America, China, Singapore and the US to name a few.

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