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Conway’s 10 Points for a Successful Real Estate Project Marketing Campaign 05.07.2023

To help with their client’s growth and success, Conway+Partners has developed their “10 Points for a Successful Campaign”:

1) Consistency – Agencies spend immense efforts designing logos, creating captivating color palettes and typography. When it becomes yours, ensure uniformity of your brand throughout every element of design – internally and externally.

2) Knowledge – Research your market and your competitors. The more you know in advance, the better prepared you will be when it comes to your marketing campaign. Outside of marketing efforts, it will help you with your underwriting and valuation of your properties to ensure strong returns for your partners.

3) Association – What is the first thing people will associate with your development? Visualization of your project is essential. Have an unforgettable hero image.

4) Partnerships – Not in the traditional sense of partnership. Think outside the box and discover the brands that your target audience would align with. Are they Chanel or Zara? Each one has distinct qualities that makes them unique. Which one is your person?

5) Neighborhood – Never just market your building – market your neighborhood. Study the restaurants, parks, transportation, bars and entertainment and know what drives people to these places. Even if your building is changing the neighborhood, understand how you can benefit the neighborhood and how it can benefit you.

6) Renderings – Do not cut corners on visualization of your work. Renderings, AR and VR are major tools to help bring your building to life before you’ve even laid the foundation. Realistic imagery is the backbone for quality design and branding.

7) Digital – It makes sense that companies focus so much on digital. It’s typically the first insight to who you are and many leads are through digital output. That said, know your audience and deliver based on each individual. Just because digital is alive, doesn’t mean that print is dead.

8) Message – Sometimes the message can be the hardest aspect of branding and identity. You have all the words to express what your project is, but can’t formulate the correct way to phrase it. A good agency will ensure a strong message by using engaging taglines, body copy and strong imagery that creates a memorable journey.

9) Target Audience –  There is value in market research and understanding who your target base is. Understanding your audience helps throughout every process of the project. From amenities to design and space size to marketing, that persona will drive your reasoning for what you create.

10) Hire an Awesome Agency – Meet with your potential agency several times before you sign the agreement. Ensure the chemistry between people is positive and understand that your relationship with your agency will be a partnership that can last for a long time. Conway+Partners works in close relationship with their extensive group of partners and clients, contributing their best practices in planning, creativity, design and technology.

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