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Parque Reforma Collection Residences Parque Reforma Acciona

A premium project set in the heart of Mexico City’s most refined neighbourhood, Polanco, Collection Residences is the brand we created for Parque Reforma Acciona group, a stately name standing for luxurious living and high-end, exclusive design. 
  • What We Did
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Film Production
  • Project Brochure
  • Website Design

We worked in all levels of branding, from the naming research to the conceptualization of every building’s name, the visual identity, and communication pieces such as a sales folder with a fact sheet for each project, a brochure with holder, floor plans, a complete website and a video to fully convey a classy lifestyle.

Based on the concept of naturally sophisticated, we conceived a brand for this kind of premium project, and designed unique, specific names and distinct identities for each building.  83 Campos Elíseos, 39 Alejandro Dumas, 55 Eugenio Sue and 164 Campos Elíseos are each an upscale construction on its own. Focusing on a few units and world-class design, every building was dreamt up by a talented mexican architect looking to communicate an entire universe on its own.