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Manuel Acevedo

Interior Design Director / Global

Manuel Acevedo

Manuel is Interior Design Director at Conway+. For the last 10 years Acevedo has participated in a multitude of detailed projects in the design, construction, and architecture industries. During his time as Senior Interior Designer at WeWork in Argentina, Acevedo held a key responsibility as project leader for WeWork´s locations across Latin America and the United States, managing all aspects of architecture and design including layouts and design packets. In addition to his extensive hands-on experience in project management and interior design, Manuel has worked as an architect for numerous Argentine firms in 3D visualization, project design, and documentation.

Over the years, Acevedo has gained valuable experience in leadership with commitment to his work. Furthermore, he has demonstrated his vast knowledge of lighting, furniture, and integral design, along with the capacity to wear many hats and add value to every project he takes on.

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